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The NFT Project of the Gay Aliens Society combines NFT with a TV show!

The Gay Aliens Society has partnered with Altar, Inc., a leader in Augmented Reality (AR), to create an AR platform.

Tima Marso, a well-known Miami-based artist, developed and created the Gay Aliens Society NFT project, which consists of 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs. Marso, a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Russia, produces paintings that have sold for thousands of dollars. Marso, who has also been featured in numerous fashion magazines around the world, has just teamed up with to launch the Gay Aliens Society NFT initiative, an exciting collection of utilities and perks that are unique to the world of NFTs.

“NFT [non-fungible tokens] are all about forming communities,” Marso says. Bored Ape Yacht Club, for example, makes millions of dollars from its collection, which has real-world uses, making it appealing to investors. Bored Ape is known for its exclusive material and real-world events that only Bored Ape NFT users have access to. Given the increased interest and clear cash prospects linked with the NFT world, The Gay Aliens Society NFT initiative has taken the realm by shock with some interesting utilities.

The majority of NFT projects compensate NFT owners for owning their NFTs. An example of a provided incentive is the possible revenue from aftermarket trading proceeds. Some offer the chance to be one of 10,000 people to win a Lamborghini or a Rolex watch. Unfortunately, the majority of those pledges turn out to be a “Rug Pull,” a term coined by the NFT community to characterise a fraudulent act of selling NFTs in a collection but failing to provide the project with the proceeds, thereby leaving NFT purchasers with a worthless JPEG file.

The Gay Aliens Society has partnered with Altar, Inc., a leader in Augmented Reality (AR), to create an AR platform. AR versions of each of the Gay Aliens Society NFTs sold in the project will be created using a combination of AR and Blockchain technologies. The AR Gay Aliens can only be accessed by NFT holders using the Altar NFT wallet, which is available on both iOS and Android.

Gay Aliens Society NFT has joined with Archstone Entertainment in the future. Archstone is a well-known television and film production and distribution firm situated in Hollywood, California. Gay Aliens in Metaverse, a film starring Gay Aliens, will be released by Archstone.

Gay Aliens in the Metaverse is an animated sitcom with an adult theme. Tima Marso, the project’s founder, describes the Gay Aliens in Metaverse series as “Adult Swim x Sex in the City.” The show will be shown on regular TV cable and streaming networks, according to Archstone. In the Gay Aliens Society Metaverse, which is currently being created on the Decentraland platform, a version solely available to NFT holders will be revealed.

NFT holders are pleased about the construction of the Gay Aliens Sociey metaverse district on the Decentraland platform. The district will be a Decentraland “estate” (six parcels of land) held by the Gay Aliens Society NFT initiative. A theatre, nightclub, sushi bar, art gallery, beach club, and event space will be included. The estate is only accessible to owners of a Gay Aliens token or a token from a participating NFT.

The Gay Aliens Society NFT currently has over 10,000 members on Discord who are eagerly awaiting the public auction. On Instagram, the Gay Aliens Society has over 50,000 followers, and on Twitter, they have over 7,000 followers. Celebrities like Jason Derulo and supporters like DJ Diplo are among the commenters. The public and the crew at are huge supporters of the Gay Aliens Society and creative artist Tima Marso.

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