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The first minted NFT ever to be sent into space is Yuvraj Singh’s bat!

The cricketer’s autographed memorabilia will be given away as NFTs on the platform.

Former India cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s renowned bat has been the first ever minted NFT to be launched into space.

Yuvraj’s bat, which he used to hit his first-ever century in the 2003 ODI match against Bangladesh in Dhaka, was propelled into orbit by a hot-air balloon from Earth.

Colexion, Asia’s NFT market, and the former Indian cricketer collaborated on the exercise last week. Yuvraj, the 2011 ODI World Cup-winning batsman, has worked with the firm to release his own augmented reality NFTs for the campaign.

Fans will also have access to a never-before-released customised video of Singh’s bat’s full space trip, as it becomes the first minted NFT ever to be sent into orbit. In the last week of December, the video will be posted on Colexion’s official website.

“I’m ecstatic to share my first NFT space adventure with Colexion exclusively.” Connecting with my fans on a new platform like this is wonderful, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my most prized items, such as my first-century bat,” Yuvraj, who is also a shareholder in the company, added.

“I have always wanted to be closer to my fans and I am happy to partner with Colexion to be able to share these precious tokens from my cricketing journey with the people who have loved and encouraged me every step of the way. I look forward to engage with them in my Colexion digital avatar,” he added.

Following that, Yuvraj will release his debut NFT on December 25. The NFT will include a 3D model of the player as well as his signed first-century bat, which will be accessible to his adoring fans. A virtual NFT Museum for all of Yuvraj’s NFTs will also be constructed, allowing his admirers to be a part of his life’s journey.

The cricketer’s autographed items will be given away as NFTs on the platform.

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, which are one-of-a-kind, blockchain-based assets that have become a thriving industry in the art world, with some lately selling for millions of dollars.

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