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Terra Virtua in the NFT Market! Here is their Roadmap!

The Terra Virtua VR entertainment experience is described as a fully immersive experience powered by blockchain technology.

Digital collectibles, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), have been redefining the digital space since Terra Virtua launched in 2020. It has built a strong community with its content that builds social connections. As the company moves forward, it hopes to bring new content from entertainment’s top names and expand its role as a leader in new-fangled transaction collecting.

What is Terra Virtua?

Terra Virtua launched officially in 2020, but a number of its co-founders, Gary Bracey and Jawad Ashraf, were involved in its conception in 2017. The combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D entertainment provides a new way to provide users with a new entertainment experience and allow them to leave the real world behind. The Terra Virtua VR entertainment experience is described as a fully immersive experience powered by blockchain technology.

CHIPIN’s Bracey said that virtual reality has yet to break into mainstream media during its launch.

“I’ve worked in the video game industry for over 35 years, and 20 of those 35 years have gone by with the industry talking about virtual reality. Since then, no mainstream product has succeeded in mainstreaming VR. This is partially due to the difficulty in setting up the hardware, but mostly due to the low quality of the experience compared with regular 2D games,” he explained. “The gameplay doesn’t offer the same variety or fun and it’s hard to play it with other people. The Terra Virtua platform will offer a completely new form of entertainment.

The platform offers a great deal of potential to those who are interested in contributing to the development of the platform or in advertising their products and services to a global audience as a part of a global financial ecosystem.

Know what it offers

Among the different NFTs available on Terra Virtua’s marketplace are life-sized Jaegers from Pacific Rim The Uprising as well as work by world-famous fine artist Tim Cantor. Each Terra Virtua member has his or her own area, called the Fancave, where they can store NFTs.

Each Fancave can be customized and personalized by each user. Many different settings can be used to exhibit their NFTs: they can display art on walls, display smaller collectibles on shelves, or place larger collectibles on podiums.

The Terra Virtua Terradome can be used to store items that are too large to fit inside the user’s Fancave. Besides this, others have also collected large NFTs for analysis.

Visitors to the Terra Art Gallery can develop their skills as digital art connoisseurs. There is a gallery that displays everything from minimalist to extravagant digital art. Visitors can take a tour and discover everything it has to offer, even buying items to display in their Fancaves.

The One Hit Wonder Is More Than That

The platform made an announcement in 2019 that it has partnered with some of the entertainment industry’s most well-known companies to allow their brands to appear on Terra Virtua. The Godfather, Pacific Rim, Top Gun and the Netflix series Lost In Space are among the popular media titles Paramount Pictures and Legendary Entertainment will license. Collectible items include Godfather slogan posters, Top Gun helmets, and much more.

Furthermore, Terra Virtua will launch a line of NFTs for Godzilla Vs. Kong later this month. Based on the movie, fans can now purchase special edition, 2D posters for $25 in the marketplace.

Terra Virtua Kolect: an introduction

The company decided in December 2020 to rev it up a bit after continued success for Terra Virtua. Terra Virtua Kolect, or TVK, is Terra Virtua’s very own cryptocurrency.

Tokens provide benefits and rewards to members. You can join the Terra Virtua Prestige Program if you have a certain amount of TVK. By joining this program, members are able to vote on what NFTs they want to see in the marketplace, decide on exclusive preview events, as well as receive a monthly delivery of brand new, free NFTs; free TVK is also included, and many other benefits.

Several exchange sites such as Binance, Bitmax, and Bilaxy support TVK deposits and trading. Terra Virtua aims to make their product available to the general public by listing on these sites. This validates Terra Virtua’s ability to bring this in-depth platform to the public.

Terra Virtua provides a wealth of benefits for all types of users, including those who do not consider themselves cryptocurrency or NFT experts. To join the team, you simply have to like the service that they offer. Consequently, Terra Virtua’s platform will continue to expand and develop further as the world shifts into the digital age.

Achieved milestones so far

Founded in 2017, the project is a nonprofit organization. The private pre-sale was launched in 2018 after the proof of concept had been completed and the team from the industry had been assembled. Additionally, a beta version of the portal was launched.

Despite this, Terra Virtua had a monumental year in 2019. As an entertainment industry leader it partnered with companies like The Godfather and Lost in Space, and sold collectibles on their behalf.

2020 – Year of great development progress

  • vFlect Feature went live
  • Launched Terra Art Gallery
  • Licensed Top Gun and Sunset Boulevard
  • Mainnet launch Platform 1.0 was completed
  • Fancave and Terradome was launched
  • Token sale was initiated

Massive 2021 – a roadmap for the future

The following are some major milestones for the year 2021:

  • Create a marketplace for influencers
  • Providing full social and currency interoperability through Platform 3.0
  • With streaming and multiplayer features, VR Fancave offers a fun, interactive experience
  • A mobile application for social networking

Those are some really huge buildings up there!

Terra Virtua in NFT market.

Tera Virtua appears poised to disrupt the digital collectibles market with its vast ecosystem of partnerships. It provides exciting, engaging experiences, as well as innovative incentives. As Terra Virtua continues to deliver more to the $200 billion market for digital collectibles, it will be obvious that it will attract even more interest from consumers.

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