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NFT Music and Video Site Launched by FlixU Music!

Digital music company FlixU Music has been in business for 20 years. Music and movie experts run the business dedicated to selling music NFTs.

FlixU Music has launched a new crypto music platform for buying and selling NFTs. With this platform you can sell songs across thousands of companies. NFTs are also offered by FlixU for video, such as the option of selling complete productions and financing them using NFTs – or planning to sell parts of a production for distribution and finance, or selling clips, old productions or pieces of older productions.

Digital music company FlixU Music has been in business for 20 years. Music and movie experts run the business dedicated to selling music NFTs. In addition to master rights and fractions, they specialize in publishing rights and fractions, and they can divide other kinds of music assets.

According to a spokesperson for FlixU Music, “NFTs are the next natural step for the music and video industry. Our goal is to give artists and copyright owners more control over their creations and great potential to monetize them in the marketplace.”

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital asset that represents real-world assets, such as music and video, that can be bought and sold online. Since NFTs are usually one-of-a-kind or limited edition, they are more valuable than traditional digital assets that can be copied indefinitely. Over the past year, NFTs have cost $174 million, according to Forbes.

Owners of NFTs will receive licensing documents, a certificate of authenticity, a hard copy of the certificate, a SanDisk MPS player loaded with the song, and the right to remix the song. A remix version is available to use for Karaoke or to be licensed by FlixU. Vocals, drums, instruments, and general can be found separately on four channels. It is possible to remix songs with an app on a smartphone to make a new hit record.

On FlixU, all songs are curated and must be approved before being made available for purchase. Music of the highest quality will be accepted. Songs can be downloaded from iTunes and Spotify. On sites like Opensea, Rarity, FlixU Music, Mintable and Foundation, songs can be licensed for advertising, movies, and videos. Financial options are coming soon.

FlixU Music

A major digital content distribution company, FlixU manages several online channels for video on demand and music content, utilizing a unique approach to monetization, content distribution and content licensing. Within the digital content world, they specialize in both film distribution and music distribution. The technology used by FlixU and the way music and video is distributed is always evolving. They always strive for practical and cutting-edge technological developments. There are over 4,000 movies, 15,000 songs, 1,000 live music shows and music documentaries on NetflixU. In addition to VOD and video affiliates, as well as music and video stores, their digital content is also available through TV streaming devices. A primary focus area of their business is content licensing and acquisition; discovery and discovery technologies; and a VOD platform.

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