“Coronavirus leaked from a Chinese lab; origins still unknown”, says US Republican report.

Republican lawmakers said their findings prove that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese laboratory, a conclusion that is not backed up by U.S intelligence organizations.

There is a coronavirus circulating among people in the United States and Canada, and scientists are not sure where it came from or what it is doing there.

The U.S. government has released a report. In a Senate testimony, Republican lawmakers said their findings prove that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese laboratory, a conclusion that is not backed up by U.S. intelligence organizations.

As part of the report released Monday, the board cited “ample proof” that Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) scientists were involved in making coronaviruses capable of infecting humans, aided by American experts and funding from Chinese and American governments.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Republican Chairman Mike McCaul released the committee’s Republican staff’s report. COVID-19 is a coronavirus pandemic that has killed 4.4 million people throughout the world and has been investigated by bipartisanship.

A leading but unproven theory among some experts holds that a genetically modified virus from a facility in Wuhan caused the first COVID-19 cases to appear in 2019. A cover-up is also denied by Beijing.

It is thought that humans contracted the pandemic from an animal virus contracted at a seafood market near the WIV.

“We now believe that the wet market should be eliminated completely, ” stated the report. In addition, based on the preponderance of the evidence, we believe the virus leaked from the WIV before September 12, 2019.

The report, which appeared in July 2019, proposed a $1.5 million overhaul of a hazardous waste treatment system for the facility, which was less than two years old. The request included new and unreported information about safety protocols at the lab.

It was confirmed in April that the virus was not man-made or genetically modified by the top United States intelligence agency.

The President of the United States Joe Biden, in May, directed U.S. intelligence agencies to follow-up within 90 days on their search for origins of the virus.

It has not been determined whether the virus originated from animals or the WIV, according to a source familiar with current intelligence assessments.

Wuhan: Where the virus actually originated.

In a report on the COVID-19 pandemic released by the Republicans in the House of Representatives on Monday, it was revealed that a genetically modified virus originated at Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul wrote the report based on open-source materials, according to

In light of the growth of evidence for the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) as the source of the outbreak, McCaul said “it’s time to completely dispel the wet market hypothesis as a cause of this outbreak.”

Furthermore, the report expresses concern about unsafe conditions in which the lab conducted “gain-of-function” experiments.

According to him, “We know that the WIV was doing gain-of-function research under unsafe conditions.”

Science across the globe has been demanding fresh investigations into the origins of Covid-19 in response to the “lab leak theory,” once dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

Similarly, the investigation goes along with efforts by the Biden administration, which has set a September deadline for reporting the origins of the pandemic outbreak.

China, meanwhile, calls the allegations ridiculous, maintaining that the cases likely arose from animal-to-human transmissions at a wet market in the city of Wuhan.

WIV and Hubei National Biosafety Laboratory, which is adjacent to WIV, are undergoing maintenance and renovations related to hazardous waste treatment systems and air conditioning systems, both of which are relevant to conducting research on Coronaviruses on the one hand and the renovations on the other.

According to the report, such incidents took place prior to the first documented cases of Covid-19.

The initial cases of COVID-19 occurred in 2020

According to investigators, the first cases of Covid in 2019 occurred shortly before or after mid-November, not as early in the year as had previously been reported. Moreover, they warned that Wuhan lab scientists, including American researchers, were able to modify genetically modified viruses without leaving traces of their modifications.

Almost a decade before genetic modification was banned, Americans, such as Dr. Ralph Baric, developed a method for leaving no trace of it, the report states.

Similarly, scientists at the WIV have been able to replicate the virus from as early as 2017. This proves that scientific claims that SARS-CoV-2 [Covid-19] cannot be man-made are simply disingenuous.”

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