Coinbase is hiring for multiple positions in India!

Currently, Coinbase is looking for candidates for several positions as a part of its plan to expand its business in India.

Recently, Coinbase’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) made a formal announcement that it is building an office in the country, and that it is searching for qualified entrepreneurs to join the team. US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced earlier this year that it plans to expand its business operations to India.

The India, office of Coinbase is under construction! Coinbase CEO & co-founder Brian Armstrong tweeted, ‘We already have an amazing team in place – join us!’

Pankaj Gupta, company’s VP Engineering and India Site Lead, wrote a blog post stating, “Our India tech hub is just getting started, the response to our open positions has already been incredible.”. In April, Coinbase named Pankaj Gupta as its head of operations in India. They plan to hire hundreds of engineers for this hub in the near future.

According to Gupta, the company has teams in each of the major areas Coinbase operates today security, payments, cloud, platform, blockchain, data engineering, machine learning, growth, product engineering, to name a few.

Due to the company’s hiring for remote employees, the talent will have the option of working remotely from various locations. Our remote-first strategy provides us with a modernized work environment that is truly flexible and adaptable. In other words, we’re looking for talent from around India so that we can find the best talent, wherever they might be. ”To create a hybrid and flexible environment, we will also build physical offices in key cities,” added Gupta.

Currently, all but one open position is based in Hyderabad, India (design, engineering, machine learning, HR & Recruiting) according to its website here.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows many cryptocurrencies to be bought and sold, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and others.

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