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The iPhone 14 Pro could have the most memory: Check out the expected features, cost, and more.

Apple may be working on iPhone 14 Pro models with significantly higher RAM.

Apple may be working on iPhone 14 Pro models with significantly higher RAM. Until now, the greatest amount of RAM available on an iPhone was 6GB, while the maximum amount of RAM available on an iPad was 16GB. On the other hand, Android flagships have long featured 8GB, 12GB, and even 16GB of RAM. The upcoming Apple flagship’s Pro models could include 8GB of RAM, according to a thread on the Korean blog site by user yeux1122.

According to the user, the parts required for this have already been confirmed, and the company’s supply chain partners are putting together schedules for mass production of the smartphone. If this is correct, and the Apple iPhone 14 Pro models come with 8GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy S22 devices and the iPhone 14 Pro series will have the same amount of memory, affecting the iPhone’s daily performance and benchmark scores.

Until today, Apple’s maximum amount of RAM on a smartphone was 6GB. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, which were released in 2021, and the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, which were introduced in 2020, were the first to feature it. The iPhone series’ non-Pro smartphones, on the other hand, feature 4GB of RAM and a variety of storage options. What’s fascinating is that Apple iPhones have regularly outperformed their Android rivals, despite having less RAM.

Apple’s hardware-software optimization has improved over time, allowing it to deliver better performance with less RAM. Apple’s smartphones, on the other hand, may need more RAM in the future to process 8K video footage (another feature expected in the iPhone 14 Pro variants), improve the cinematic mode, or just provide a better device for multitasking and demanding gaming. However, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro model may be excessive.

Apple’s 11-inch and 12-inch iPad Pro models, on the other hand, have a whopping 16GB of RAM and were released in 2021. The Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (16GB RAM, 1TB storage) is currently available for Rs. 1,34,900 from Reliance Digital. Reliance Digital is currently offering the Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (16GB RAM, 1TB storage) for Rs. 1,62,900. These tablets are among the priciest on the market, but they are also among the most powerful.

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