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“NFT Game Stolen Artwork, Called Out, Account Deleted”

One of the defining features of NFTs is their blatant theft of intellectual property

It is interesting to observe how little effort is put into promoting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which cause ecological disaster and are an enormous scam.

As an example, consider Epic Hero Battles. Using Ethereum, a “blockchain-based game” was being sold that consisted of a randomly-generated hero and their pet that could be fought for prizes and NFTs, or both.

Despite the well-worn (and yet proven absurd) claim that NFTs are all about artists and their work, for its main page the game’s creators decided to just straight up steal key art from indie game Wildfire, which were just released last year and have been getting great reviews.

After Wildfire’s creator Dan Hindes publicly called Epic Hero Battles’ creators out on Twitter (with 52k likes and counting), the game’s creators removed Hindes’ art and publicly responded, saying:

Hi guys! I want to tell you about the art that was used on the site. We got it from the web dev, but we didn’t check it, our mistake. This won’t happen again, honestly.

Oh, it was an innocent mistake! It doesn’t matter since others found more stolen art on the website and Twitter account of Epic Hero Battles after the theft of Wildfire’s assets became public.

Twitter’s profile picture for the game? The artist’s Tumblr page provided the source for this image. Below the art is a big piece of art announcing the game’s future roadmap. Do you recognize it? I have stolen large parts of this piece of pixel art created by Boki Boki.

The creators of Epic Hero Battles have deleted their Twitter account rather than respond to these fresh allegations of theft, or perhaps be forced to at least offer a tiny amount of their own work to make the matter right. Although the website is still up and running, most of its art is missing, leaving a large gray mass in its wake.

Written by IOI

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