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Here’s how DEFI is bringing investment opportunities in NFT space!

DEFI is using the blockchain to offer a new form of investment and by using NFTs to trade and invest, they’re making it easier for people to enter the crypto market.

The cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It has the potential to change how we invest, transfer and trade money in a revolutionary way. DEFI is using the blockchain to offer a new form of investment and by using NFTs to trade and invest, we are making it easier for people to enter the crypto market.

We’ve got some big news, and we think you’ll like it. It’s called DEFI, and it’s a new way to invest in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This new investment opportunity comes in the form of a blockchain-based securities platform that is supported by a team of experts in technology, finance, and legal matters.

2021’s Best DeFi and NFT Projects

Cryptocurrency is powered by blockchain technology, which is gaining popularity today. In other words, blockchain isn’t just used for cryptocurrency, but has a wide variety of applications; thus, its capabilities are being explored across the globe. It has become a huge trend in the previous year especially to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Both of these subsectors of the blockchain industry experienced phenomenal growth in 2020. Decentralized finance, which utilizes blockchain technology to offer financial services without a middleman, is expected to drive hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue.

A tokenized record of ownership of assets, non-fungible tokens, has seen a rapid spread of usage in 2021, with memes and Jack Dorsey’s first tweet being purchased for many millions. A number of DeFi and NFT projects are appearing on the scene as a result of the growing interest from the public and the increasing financial participation. Both of these projects are expected to mature as the cryptocurrency industry does.

There are many NFT and DeFi projects on the market in 2021, so here are some key ones to look out for:


This uniqueness of EQIFI sets it apart from other DeFi projects because EQIBank is a regulated and licensed bank. A collaborative team led by Executive Chairman Jason Blick and CEO Brad Yasar, EQIFI brings a wealth of expertise to the table and is committed to democratizing global banking services.

The project has established an advanced infrastructure for borrowing, lending, and investing in Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, as well as selected fiat currencies using blockchain technology. As the EQIFI plan is powered by EQIBank, individuals will have access to products such as foreign currency banking accounts and credit cards. Since the team managed to reach the funding goal for the seed phase and other strategic rounds within ten days of launching the project, EQIFI is definitely a project worth watching!

2. NBA TopShot

With the advent of NFTs, it has become clear that only a select few things cannot be sold in a digital format. Most of us would believe that NFTs can only be sold as physical collectibles in the past but that has since been proved untrue. NFTs of specific moments in NBA history are available on NBA Top Shot, an NFT platform. Among the items immortalized and sold are steals, blocks, and even specific hoops. Mark Cuban is a certified user of this platform, which has received a lot of attention lately.

NFTs are geared toward community interaction to the extent that NBA fans, based on all indications, are willing to buy NFTs or moments that are associated with the game. NFTs could be used in even more sports and are likely to be in more use in 21.

3. MahaDAO

It enables token holders to protect their purchasing power by creating an inflation-resistant currency not governed by a central authority. MAHA is a governance token that is able to control everything about the platform from its working to its development.

The new, non-depreciating currency, ARTH, has been introduced by MahaDAO so that its buying power can be maintained regardless of market volatility. Decentralizing MAHA’s value-stable protocol enables the currency to fight depression and resist black-swan events, thereby bypassing volatility and giving users control over the currency’s governance.


The NFT market is getting a lot of hype these days, so customers might be interested in getting into the market to make money. NIFTEX is the solution for people who can’t access NFTs due to headlines emphasizing the millions that they cost. As opposed to buying a whole NFT, NFTX allows users to purchase fractional ownership of them.

Hence, users are able to profit from trading on the NFT market even with a small sum of money, and some features allow for royalty earnings on a small fraction of trades. There seems to be a strong shift towards NFTs at the top of the market, and the future will be democratized and accessible to many more consumers.

5. Synthesis Bank

The strongest part of DeFi is that it provides access to financial services to all. Its investment bank, Synthesis, does the same thing. With Synthesis, one can invest in a wide range of assets in a fast and easy way without involving a middleman. It is essentially a bank based on Ethereum smart contracts, which allows easy and instant access across a whole range of assets without middlemen. In addition, Ethereum’s blockchain ensures that all transactions are fully transparent with minimal human intervention. To ensure even greater security for users, audits are conducted by CERTIK, one of the world’s largest blockchain ranking and verification platforms.

As the world’s first cryptocurrency tokenized investment bank, it will likely achieve big things in 2021 and 2022 considering how cryptocurrency investments are on the rise. Synthesis bank offers a variety of options, such as liquidity mining, cross-exchange market-making, and arbitration. Arbitrage is offered through high-frequency trading. Dividends are paid by STB to shareholders through the generation of profit.

6. Mintbase

Mintbase has been developing NFT contracts to help users mint them from scratch, which makes it different from other innovative platforms that focus on helping customers invest and buy NFTs. The NFT industry has learned that anything can be turned into an NFT and in the future, not only big players will be able to create them but everyday people as well. Recent investment from Sino Global has led to Mintbase being positioned to be a big player in 2021. Moreover, it also comes as they have implemented a new feature that allows royalties to be shared between up to a thousand people, as well as enabling creation on the NEAR as well as the Ethereum blockchain.

7. InsurAnce

However, deFi is far from perfect, though the current market is booming. Hacks, bugs, and external attacks on different platforms are just a few of the issues that DeFi users encounter. When interacting with these platforms, people who have tokens locked up on them will need insurance. DeFi users can insure against most issues with InsurAce, an Ethereum-based protocol. As the need for DeFi products increases, the need for insurance related to DeFi will increase as well. InsurAce is looking to cover these needs.

In light of this, it has received investment from Parafi Capital, Hashkey Group, Huobi DeFiLabs, Hashed, IOSG, and Signum Capital. As well as covering Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, and Solana, the insurance plan also extends to products on a multitude of popular platforms.

The world is steadily converting to NFTs and DeFi. In fact, they’re so popular that conferences and events are being held exclusively on them. A similar art exhibition to Art Basel was held by NFT BAZL in Miami on June 2, 2021. Investors, collectors, and enthusiasts took part in the event. Among the artists whose work will be auctioned are Punk Me Tender, Fidia, Hijack, and Alessandra Maskita. The exhibit featured a physical gallery for the first time in history, bridging the digital with the physical as part of the exhibition’s goal. Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata of Congo also attended the auctions and they were held on Elitium’s app marketplace.

In addition to the real-world event, Elitium and GDA Capital, the organizers, will host a virtual NFT summit to highlight just how large the NFT industry has become.

DeFi and NFTs will be in high demand in the year 2021, and the projects above will be helping to drive that demand. The public’s attitude towards blockchain technology will change not just in terms of financial infrastructure, but also as a result of a cultural shift. It is likely that the transition will be smoother with these projects leading the way.

An innovative DeFi betting system
NFT-based predictions are made possible with Reality Cards.

Wins based on the passing of time

Gamblers today are no longer able to get rich by betting large amounts- simply by owning the outcome for as long as they desire. A total pot is divided among all the winners based on seconds owned, at the end of an event.

A NFT is kept by its longest owner

  • NFT artists designs each ‘outcome’
  • A pot of money is divided among artists after the event
  • Wins and losses serve as collectibles

The future of Blockchain investment.

Investing in a project is always a risky business. If you do not have a good understanding of what the project is and what it does, then you could lose all your money. That is why it is important to have a solid understanding of what the project is and the different projects out there. This blog has given you a brief idea of what DEFI is, its product, and the future of blockchain investment.

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