Does China have an ‘AI Prosecutor’? Know more about it here!

AI Prosecutor ‘for common crimes developed by Chinese scientists could become a world first!

Artificial intelligence is slowly taking over the world, as evidenced by this incident in China. According to a report in The Telegraph, China has built a ‘AI prosecutor’ who can use modern technology to accuse people.

According to Chinese experts, this AI prosecutor can charge an accused person with over 97 percent accuracy just on a vocal description.

Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate developed the high-end technology, according to the report. According to a document produced by Chinese experts, AI technology can assist prosecutors reduce their burden. In some situations, it is said to be able to take the role of prosecutors in the decision-making process.

The technology may also be utilised on a desktop computer to analyse billions of data stored in the system, according to the study. Between 2015 and 2020, thousands of instances were used to train the AI computer. Among other things, it can detect reckless driving, credit card fraud, gambling activities, and theft. More modifications to the system are in the works, according to the researchers.

Some prosecutors, however, have expressed reservations about the new technology. They believe that in difficult cases, the AI prosecutor may make a mistake. They also feel that the system will not perform correctly in the ever-changing social environment because of the system’s training from previous examples.

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