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Check out these top 5 blockchain games!

Blockchain games can turn the gaming economy into one centered around users. Gamers can benefit from them in real ways and uplift the spirit of gaming.

A journey to redefine gaming began because seekers of change grew tired of the traditional concept. Now, blockchain technology is at the heart of video games that put you, the gamer, at the center.

There are no brand-new gaming concepts associated with blockchain, despite their appearance. The blockchain technology in these games allows you to play games in an immersive environment.

An in-game economy is powered by blockchain in these games. All purchases you make of in-game items (either individual tokens or general items) are registered on a public blockchain.

Thus, your ownership is public information that you can display as evidence at any time. Further, these assets are real assets that you can trade on other marketplaces for real money. Doesn’t it sound cool to sell your virtual items for real money?

Consider the case where only 100 Fortnite skins were given out worldwide. In the current state of affairs, the skin is worthless. On the other hand, if the game had been based on blockchain, your Fortnite skin’s uniqueness could have been a valuable asset. This skin could have also been traded on a market for digital assets for real money if you wanted.

Even the games’ code is usually open source, meaning that developers from all over the world can collaborate and make games together. With blockchain games, you can create games of the highest quality without a central entity controlling anything.

With a basic understanding of blockchain games in hand, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting ones you can play.

Here’s a list of the 5 blockchain games:

1. Sorare

The world’s most dedicated fans of football are probably football players and teams. In Sorare, a blockchain-based game, this dedication is leveraged through the use of Ethereum.

A player can customize a team of their favorite players to compete in a tournament by constructing NFT football cards. But the wonderful thing about it is that those who win get paid in real money for their efforts. Over 126 football teams have partnered with the game to date.

2. Alien Worlds

In Alien Worlds, you explore planets across the universe far away from Earth. A player plays an explorer who needs to travel to other planets to mine Trilium (TLM), a precious resource. The game takes place in 2055.

As well as obtaining Trilium in mining, players may also acquire NFTs, which have different uses in the game. In the process of mining more trilium or discovering more NFTs, players can use the resources to improve their equipment. Among the activities available in-game are battles with other players and a variety of other activities.

3. Upland

Upland is a popular blockchain game that lets users connect real-world addresses with virtual properties in the Metaverse of earth. Virtual properties are on sale in New York and San Francisco, and the game maps out these two cities for you to buy.

You will receive UPX tokens in form of passive income from the properties you buy using UPX, the native token of the platform. Those aren’t just in-game coins either. The UPX tokens you earn can be transferred or sold for other cryptocurrencies. Consequently, despite the fact that you own a virtual property, you still earn real money.

4. Clash of Coins

In Clash of Coins, as the first blockchain-based massively multiplayer online strategy game (MMORTC), players are fighting it out for supremacy. MMOs take place in massive virtual worlds and participants interact or compete with each other.

In Clash of Coins, you must join a clan before you start playing, and the clans are basically cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH. As a result, each cryptocurrency is defended by a different clan in the game. In the game, players compete against one another for control of lands located in the various countries.

Clans can walk through an entire country for 30 minutes after capturing it. Additionally, the clan gets real ETH tokens as rewards for their success.

5. Neon District

Neon District launched after having been delayed several times and provided cyberpunk cult fans with something interesting to do.

In Neon District, a group of rebels fight an authoritarian government in a dystopian future. In Form of NFTs, players can create futuristic characters, gear, and other items. On Polygon’s (formerly known as Matic Network’s) digital asset marketplace, these NFTs are tradable.

Blockchain Games: A glimpse into the future!

Despite their humble beginnings back in the day, blockchain games are making huge strides of success today. Blockchain technology has also been used by major gaming companies like Ubisoft.

It will only be a matter of time before many other gaming giants jump on board. It’s certain that we won’t be far away from a day when most video games provide real discounts to their players, and every organization will become more focused on the player. At last!

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