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Eight attractive upsurging mobile VR games you need

Virtual reality games have been popular for some time now, but they are becoming more and more popular with the release of various mobile VR games. There are tons of virtual reality games out there, these above games might be worth your time.

Virtual reality is on the rise and it is gaining more and more traction every day. However, the last thing that you should do is spend too much money on VR when you don’t have to. With the introduction of mobile VR, you can now enjoy VR without the cost. Mobile VR is just as immersive as its PC counterpart, but has a much cheaper price tag. If you are looking for a way to have a fun and relaxing experience in your spare time, then this blog is perfect for you.

  1. InCell VR.

Everyone loves a good game and InCell is no exception. InCell is an action/racing VR game with a bit of strategy and science thrown into the mix. Your goal is to take down the virus advance in order to save the world. You’ll take an exciting journey inside the highly unusual micro world of human cell and stop the virus advance. What’s great about InCell is that it lets you learn about cellular biology without ever leaving your home. It’s also compatible with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR, and any Windows Mixed Reality device.

2. DinoTrek

DINOTREK is a VR experience that immerses you in the vibrant world of prehistoric reptiles and invites you to learn about them in a new and exciting way. This game is sure to bring you to a new level of understanding as it was created with the intention of being educational. DINOTREK is an easy-to-use system that is made to be compatible with any VR device, so you can enjoy the experience at home or on the go.


If you’re an Instagram lover and want to explore more than just the standard view of your own feed, then orbulus is the app for you. This app lets you view 360 degree photospheres of various locations in VR. It covers various world landmarks and even has photospheres of Mars. You can control the app by just looking around -there is no need to press a single buttons. With this app, you’ll be able to travel to new places in the world, explore landmarks and sites you may have always wanted to see, and even escape reality.


SWIVEL GUN! LOG RIDE is a puzzle game for everyone to enjoy. It’s fun, challenging, and easy to pick up. However, it is also very difficult to master. This is the perfect game for any occasion. It can be enjoyed by families, couples, or friends and it will have everyone playing. All you need is a group of people who are willing to sit down and have a good time.

5. VR Tank Training

If you’re a fan of futuristic warfare, VR Tank Training is perfect for you. In this exciting simulator, you’ll be transported to a combat zone and battle against different kinds of tanks. If you’re interested in futuristic warfare, tank simulation, and just want to have some fun while you’re at it, this is the game for you.


The need for virtual reality (VR) is becoming a growing trend and there are many possibilities of what this technology can be used for. VR can be very addicting and engaging for people to play with. There are many mobile VR headsets available to buy and some of them are quite affordable. With these headsets, it is possible to experience the best games and see places that you would never be able to go in real life. One way of experiencing the wonders of VR is with a roller coaster.

7. CMOAR Roller Coaster

Experience the fastest, tallest, longest, and longest-lasting roller coaster in the world in virtual reality. ROLLER COASTER is the best VR app for 3D 360° and 2D 180° ers who want to ride the ultimate ride in their lifetime. CMOAR ROLLER COASTER is compatible with all VR devices, including Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and more.


Every one of us dreams of going on a wild ride, zooming through the clouds, soaring to the highest skyscrapers and experiencing the exhilarating sensation of flight. That’s just what you can do in VR Crazy Swing! With VR Crazy Swing, you can fly as high as the sky, swoop down on a skyscraper, or soar in the air as you race your friends to see who can reach the top of the building first.

Virtual reality games have been popular for some time now, but they are becoming more and more popular with the release of various mobile VR games. There are tons of virtual reality games out there, these above games might be worth your time.

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