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Using GPS, Segway’s Navimow lawn-mowing robot will mow your lawn

It is not necessary to install boundary wires.

The Navimow, Segway’s first smart mower, uses GPS to keep your lawn trimmed using the Segway’s GPS technology. The robot mower won’t require a boundary wire, so you won’t have to put one in to keep it on the right patch of grass.

The Navimow’s Exact Fusion Locating System maintains the Navimow’s position to within two centimeters with its precision mowing patterns. Its sensors will keep the Navimow mowing if the GPS signal is temporarily weak.

In its smartphone app, users give Navimow directions for which areas are to be avoided while mowing the area. Segway says Navimow’s algorithm “determines a systemic mowing path,” so it doesn’t need to crisscross already mowed areas.

Navimows are equipped with offset blades that cut close to the lawn’s borders. By detecting things in the grass such as pets, toys, or children, Blade Halt technology prevents the mower’s blades from spinning. While Segway claims that Navimow is waterproof, splash-proof, and can withstand high pressure water jets, its rain sensor easily guides it back to a charging station if it senses rain beginning. Navimow has not yet been made available in the United States by Segway.

With its 25-degree angle of inclination and relatively quiet 54 dB, the Navimow is capable of handling slopes up to 45 degrees in the lawn. Navimow comes in four models, starting with the H500E, which is capable of mowing lawns up to 500 square meters, which is about 5400 square feet in area, and costs €1199, or about $1425.

The Navimow H800, priced at €1499 ( about $1,781), is designed for lawns of up to 800 square meters (about 8,600 square feet); the H1500E can tackle lawns of 1,500 square meters (roughly 16,145 feet) and costs €1999 ($2,375); and the H3000E can mow lawns up to 3000 square meters (about 33,000 square feet) with a price tag of €2499 (or $2,969).

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