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Take a look at the 12 amazing Gaming Affiliates

In order to promote the gaming industry, you don’t necessarily need to work with the device manufacturers. You can promote gaming-related clothing and accessories through blogs as well.

According to MarketWatch, the video game industry is expected to be worth $300 billion by 2025. This is a massive amount of money and a lot of potential. The business world is evolving and you need to make sure that you are on the same playing field. A lot of competition is starting to take place, and you need to adapt to stay competitive. A lot of the major gaming companies are moving away from using consoles and making their games accessible through smart devices. If you want to be a part of this growing industry, then you should focus on what is trending now.

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Here are 12 Gaming Affiliates you should join now

  1. Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program

These services boost gamers’ gaming characters for money through the use of game boosting services.

Players can level up their characters in games such as Destiny 2, Apex Legends, and Wow Classic with the help of Leprestore. This is a popular sub-niche and you can earn a lot by promoting these companies. Leprestore offers affiliates a 15% commission per sale for 90 days.

Those who find the service valuable will be willing to pay repeatedly if they find the amount reasonable.

2. Razer Affiliate Program

Razer produces a variety of products for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Gaming laptops, consoles, mice, controllers, gear, bags, apparel, etc. are available at the brand. They also produce some software and mobile apps for better gaming experiences.

Interestingly, they also make an energy drink called Respawn exclusively for gamers. A 10% commission will be given to you that is based on the products you sell. Besides, you will almost definitely have a lot of traffic because the brand is quite popular.

3. Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program

Anyone who is into gaming is familiar with Alienware.

The company, originally named Sakai, changed its name to Alienware after one year because of their love for the television series, the X-Files.

The reason for their popularity is that, in addition to their powerful gaming PCs, they were also the first to offer gaming laptops.

Until 2006, Alienware was owned by Dell, a company famous for making computer hardware, so in order to promote Alienware PCs you basically have to join Dell’s affiliate program.

While Alienware products are expensive, you can expect to earn a fortune through your site due to the high price of Alienware products.

5. Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate Program

If you’re a World of Warcraft player, buying Zygor Guides service will help you improve your gaming experience. Their in-game guides can help you gain experience, level up, and earn gold efficiently and quickly.

Among other things, they ensure that the Terms of Service of the game are not violated while guiding you to play with high performance.

Publishers can earn an incredible 50% commission from the Zygor Guides affiliate program, considering how valuable their service is to this world-famous game.

6. Killer Guides Affiliate Program

Gamer beginners need proper guidance to start a game with the right strategy. Killer Guides can be the best choice for those gamers.

The website provides guidelines and strategies for some of the most popular video games, including Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Second Life, and many more. The guides are well-researched and regularly updated.

Gamers can learn from their guides how to master their character, save time, and avoid violating the game’s terms of service.

This program offers a generous 40% per sale commission to affiliate marketers, which has made it popular among publishers.

7. Nvidia Affiliate Program

You can’t imagine playing video games without quality graphics, and when you think of graphics, you think of Nvidia.

The company’s high-quality GPUs are widely known for being used in gaming PCs, but they’re also popular in AI development workstations and streaming media players.

Although Nvidia is a well-known brand, promoting their products can be a bit risky for any publisher. The reason is that most people tend to buy their products from bargain retailers, which means they’ll check your link and purchase them somewhere else.

Nevertheless, it’s a popular choice among the PC gamers, meaning you may end up making some good sales.

8. Modded Zone Gaming Affiliate Program

Thousands of different designs are available at ModdedZone, the leading supplier of gaming controller modifications.

Aside from painting the controllers, they also made changes to the motors and enabled features such as “adjustable rapid fire,” “fast reload,” etc.

Besides the adjustable and modified custom controllers, you can also get gaming chairs to get the ultimate gaming experience. They have gaming chairs for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, among others.

Affiliates will earn a 10% commission on sales through their sites. It is a good program to join if you have audiences that consider gaming as an integral part of their lives.

9. Bose Affiliate Program

A good noise-canceling headphone is a must for either you or your gaming partner. If your wall is shaken enough, you might also want a subwoofer and speakers combination.

The manufacturer of Bose’s noise-cancelling headphones, as well as high-quality speakers and headphones, is admired especially by gamers, who say that it provides a great experience.

Their affiliate program is run through CJ Affiliate, a leading affiliate network. The commission is about 2-3%, which is pretty low, but since their products are in high demand, chances are you will make a decent sale through your website.

10. Into The AM Affiliate Program

There is a huge following for Into The AM’s comfortable clothing created with late night gamers in mind. There is a wide appeal, even among people who don’t play video games.

The company also licenses tees for games like Assassin’s Creed, Smite, God of War, and World of Warcraft, among others.

Whatever your blog is about, gaming or fashion, you can join their affiliate program to promote their beautiful t-shirts. As a result, you’ll receive 10% commission every time someone purchases a product using your referral link.

11. Microsoft Gaming Affiliate Program

As a result, playing video games is now easier for those who can’t afford high-end computers, thanks to Microsoft’s pioneering efforts to make PCs accessible for everyone, rather than just nerds.

Their affiliate network permits your audience to buy required gaming consoles and accessories by referring customers to their website. If you’ve been into gaming for years, you may already know that they manufacture Xbox.

The commission rate is only 2%, but you probably shouldn’t worry since it is not hard to sell Xboxes or its console to game-freak audiences.

12. Affiliate Program

It’s not necessary to be a gamer to know about Almost everyone watching a lot of television sees the advertisement for World of War Ships or World of Tanks.

There are hundreds of thousands of players worldwide who enjoy these popular free MMOs.

Despite the games being free to play, they also allow players to upgrade to a premium account for a better experience. And that’s where affiliate marketers can take advantage.

If your readers sign up for a premium account, you will receive up to $10 per sale. Depending on your location, the commission rate may vary.

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