7 things that separate the clubhouse app from other social media apps!

Clubhouse is a free, voice-based social media app where people talk about predetermined topics or whatever’s on their mind in “rooms.” It’s not unlike a Zoom call with all the cameras turned off, but you can’t always tell who is talking.

What do you think about Clubhouse as the next sensation in audio-only social media?

Online searches are something we all do often. Social media platforms are heavily used in a variety of fields, including entertainment, education, fashion, and healthcare consultations. Every social network has something to offer, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The real reason for introducing new technologies is due to the very high level of competition in this world.

Another social network app, Clubhouse, is announcing itself after such eminent platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Clubhouse is an audio-only social media application that requires invitations, a chat room, and audio transmission.

Despite its popularity, this audio-based social media application is rarely known for its lesser known facts.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a free, voice-based social media app where people talk about predetermined topics or whatever’s on their mind in “rooms.” It’s not unlike a Zoom call with all the cameras turned off, but you can’t always tell who is talking.

Even though the types of rooms are endless, the format of Clubhouse – disembodied voices meeting without devolving into chaos – means the most popular rooms are often a few people presenting to a crowd of silence. As a result, we may feel like we are watching a TED x talk mixed with a talk show, and we might feel like we are attending a heated community meeting mixed with a call-in radio show. You could have more spontaneous and enlightening conversations using the format over other forms, but there is also the potential for rambling and cross talk.

It can be fun to listen to people interested in your interests describe topics that interest you (craftapreneurs, singer-songwriters, avalanche survivors), often without any obligation to participate. The Clubhouse allows users to switch between more serious, traditional discussions about topics of interest or try out new formats for conversations. There are concerts and shows where people find dates old-school style. The entire “Lion King” musical was recreated by 40 cast members in one case. It can be quite comforting to be surrounded by people chatting, singing, and even fighting in an age when many people are feeling lonely.

What separates Clubhouse from other social media platforms?

There are a few things that set Clubhouse apart from other social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. It is a “very special medium” to host audio-only, camera-free webcasts.

“It doesn’t matter how you look, where you are, or what you wear,” the company stated on its website. We love the way voice conveys nuance and makes you connected on a human level. By using voice, you can still challenge each other and have tough conversations, but there is also a chance to build more empathy. This is what drew us to voice.”

7 points that shows Clubhouse is here to stay:

1. Clubhouse Ads Have Real Viral Power

On Clubhouse, followers aren’t simply vanity metrics, as they are on most social platforms.

In a simple but compelling way, the app notifies you when someone you follow jumps up on a stage, even if your phone is locked. A passive listener will be added to the room immediately if you click on the notification.

There’s a similarity between this feature and Facebook Live’s early days, when hundreds of people would just appear by clicking on a button.

The more people you recruit in Clubhouse, the bigger the crowds you can draw.

Getting invited up on a stage and asking questions will get people to click through to your profile and it may lead to them following you.

2. The only thing that matters is your voice! Don’t worry about being camera-ready…

People have a hard time accepting live video if the camera is on. That barrier is completely eliminated with the live audio application. You only need your avatar.

This means that you can participate in the discussion no matter your appearance. Are you just waking up? Nothing to worry about! Clubhouse is available to you. You’re at the groceries? Nothing to worry about! You can now rock out with your AirPods on!

Owen Video expressed his excitement about Clubhouse, saying he is relieved that the lights are not necessarily on. “Having my camera in focus isn’t necessary.”

In addition to Owen’s comments, others spoke out to add that they would never show up without makeup on camera. They could, however, work on audio whenever they wanted

3. Connect with prospects quickly

By using this platform as a way to communicate your voice.

The same thing happens in Clubhouse as it does in conference hallways. Instagram and Twitter work better than exchanging cards, because people can discuss you on those platforms.

My interest in working with others has already led me to private conversations. When you start considering the possibilities, there are many ways to utilize this platform for growth or to gain clients.

I made more connections in Clubhouse than I ever did before,” Travis Believes said, “so I’m here now.”. During the first two months of my business, I probably got about 20 different clients. Travis says he loves the app so far, and it has paid off to provide free value.

4. Using Your Voice Is Empowered

Globe and Speaker

The people with the largest followings are the only ones who have a voice on many platforms. In clubhouses, everything is on equal footing. Now, all that matters is what you say-not what the numbers say.

The leveler appeals to Naomi Nakashima. There is no need to know my name, but you can tell what I know by what I’m saying. Rather than how many followers they have somewhere or how big their name is, I can tell what they know from the value they’re bringing to a conversation. This really puts everyone on an equal footing in that regard.”

It’s easier to focus on your voice when you’re not fighting to achieve social proof via vanity metrics.

Tiffany Washington commented, “The platform gives you the option to be creative with how you tell your story. And it strengthens your storytelling skills since you can completely focus on the words you are saying as opposed to how you look.” It also helps you to reconnect with your own voice and strengthen that connection.

5. Engages humans in a humane way

Interested in chatting? Want to hear interesting topics being discussed? Discussions can be held in small groups on a wide variety of topics in the clubhouse. The practice of sharing successes and failures is not unusual.

“It reminds me of the experience of just getting to sit down and have a chat as I listen to people share some amazing insights,” said Dan Norton.

6. Testing your ideas is possible

Using this platform, it is possible to crowdsource content (such as for this article). In addition, it gives you the opportunity to explore new ways of expressing yourself.

In an interview with Dan Norton, he expressed his optimism that podcasts could be tested and even video or live video ideas tested since it is possible to see the reactions of anyone watching. Maybe it’s something you should do if people are liking it.”

7. Clubhouse is an invite-only app

An invite-only app, it can only be downloaded by current Clubhouse users. Users are limited to sending two invitations each.

This app is only available for iPhone users. One can download the app from the Apple store, which includes a way to reserve a username.

We are a new type of social project based on voice in which people around the world communicate, share ideas, make new friends, and develop ideas from each other.


The social media world has always been unique in this digital age and has a large user-base. Creating an app for social media will help you build a community. The place is a gathering place for individuals. Having a strong bond with your customers is key to building a healthy relationship. Your business can reap many benefits from developing a social media app like Clubhouse.

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It is currently only available for iOS users, but a newly-released version of Clubhouse will be available for Android users soon. There are no text posts or pictures on this platform, just audio clips.

Currently, two million people use the application. The user can also check out ‘Rooms’, where there is a discussion going on daily around a variety of topics. Following the initial registration, a user can leave and enter chat rooms based on one’s interests.

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