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10 Amazing Online Courses that are Free today!

Several free online courses are available that can teach and improve skills across a range of fields, and you can start taking them in just a few clicks.

The gift of free time is one that we all desire, and we want to spend our free time doing things that make us happy. Additionally, those who like to learn new skills during their free time will have plenty of opportunities to do so. Several free online courses are available that can teach and improve skills across a range of fields, and you can start taking them in just a few clicks.

Even so, finding the most worthwhile free online classes isn’t always so easy. We’ve put together a collection of our favorite free courses, so you can start learning today.

These free courses range from marketing to entrepreneurship to social media to productivity. Your time can be best utilized by participating in these free online courses.

Young and aspiring entrepreneurs should take these 10 free online courses:

1. Shopify Compass

To start off our list of free online courses, we’ve got Shopify Compass.

The free course, Shopify Compass, isn’t an end-all be-all. Actually, it is a platform devoted to helping entrepreneurs who would like to start their own online business to find free online courses. In addition, Shopify Compass offers “step-by-step guidance” for people of all experience levels to help eliminate the guesswork of entrepreneurship.

The Shopify Compass Online Course will be free to anyone thinking of starting or maintaining their own business. Additionally, you’ll be able to interact with a community of entrepreneurs and attend special events once you sign up for the community. You can’t go wrong with this.

2. PhotographyCourse

It has always been important to have a solid understanding of photography. However, photography used to be more expensive and harder to get started with – you needed expensive equipment to get started. Learning to do this skill was prohibitively expensive as well, as you needed to invest a lot of money upfront.

There are a lot more opportunities today for photographers. PhotographyCourse provides free online courses that give you the skills you need for your Instagram page, website design, and so much more. We all have phones in our pockets that we can use to take photographs, and the free courses will allow you to take more photos.

A one-stop destination for all things photography, PhotographyCourse offers both free beginner courses and more specific courses for those with more experience.

3. Google’s Digital Marketing Course

Next on our list of free online courses is the perfect course if you want to improve your digital marketing skills.

Google’s free digital marketing courses are some of the best online for growing your business or launching your career.

The courses provided by their free online course can be taken either in full or in parts based on your immediate needs.

You’ll also receive a certification when you finish the “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course. Having a certification from Google is never a bad thing, and it can be added to your LinkedIn profile.

It’s hard to argue against knowledge and a qualification, isn’t it? Online learning is especially appealing when it is free.

The best online courses are those that are devoted to digital marketing. So, if you enjoy spending your free time on learning about digital marketing, you should look into this course.

4. Canva’s Design School

We then turn to Canva’s Design School for our next best free online course.

Canva as a tool, the basics of design, or elevating your existing skills are all topics covered in these online courses.

There are tons of free courses available to you at Canva’s Design School, making it even easier.

The library of free online courses at Design School focuses on social media, graphic design, and other topics, like presentations. You can also access these online classes for free if you have a laptop and an email address.

No matter how long you’ve studied design, or how new you are to the field – Canva’s Design School courses will help you improve your skills.

5. Facebook Blueprint

Marketing professionals, especially those in the field of social media, will find Facebook a powerful tool. There is no doubt that Facebook isn’t an easy marketing tool.

In keeping with our commitment to giving everyone access to the best free online marketing courses, we’ve added Facebook Blueprint to our list.

Facebook Blueprint gives you all the steps you need to get started with Facebook advertising, including what to target and how to convert leads.

It is a one-stop shop for all the information about Facebook marketing that you’ll need to succeed.

Getting started is as simple as creating a Facebook account. Select a broad topic that you would like to learn more about, then go through the whole thing or just work on a particular topic that you are struggling with.

6. Highbrow’s Productivity Course

Would you like to boost your productivity with a free online course?

We have just what you need at Highbrow. It would be nice to be able to spend time more productively, wouldn’t it?

Though this course is offered via email instead of a website, it is different due to the fact that it is sent via email. This online course may be one of the shortest on our list, but it’s still well worth your time.

Over the next 10 days, you’ll receive 10 emails consisting of about 5 minutes of content each. Both the content and the format are easy to consume. Throughout the emails, you will discover proven methods for boosting your productivity that you can implement right away.

There is thought-provoking advice in this book from some of the world’s most influential people, including Elon Musk, Oprah, and Angela Merkel. To help you reach your goals, we have an all-star cast. You can take this online course for free if you want a shorter course.

7. Asana Academy

As we continue our list of free online courses on productivity, we recommend you take advantage of Asana’s free course to help YOU become more productive.

In addition, Asana Academy emphasizes a Kanban-based method for structuring work.

It has been our experience that breaking down everyday tasks into smaller, easier-to-complete chunks, and visualizing them on a calendar, can take your productivity to new heights. Also, it seems much easier to accomplish big tasks.

The reason why Asana’s Academy is among the best free online courses for 2021 is because of this. Using Asana, you can learn the Kanban methodology, and you can even take their courses to become a Certified Asana Pro, which will earn you a certification you can use on your resume or LinkedIn.

8. Buffer’s Social Media Strategy

Buffer’s Social Media Strategy course is our next selection of free online courses.

Those who are interested in improving their social media skills are the primary audience for this course. A program like this will be most helpful for those who are just beginning their journey with social media marketing.

In this free online course, you will find modules that will assist you in finding your voice on social media, how to create a compelling message for your audience, and more.

A point to keep in mind is that this course is available for free with Skillshare, but not forever.

It is still possible to sign up for Skillshare for free and claim this course for 2 months.

9. HubSpot’s Excel for Marketers

In addition to offering marketing, sales, and customer service management tools, HubSpot offers automated email marketing. What if I told you that it also offers world-class business courses from business experts that cover in-demand skills? There is a crash course on Excel for Marketers for managing data in spreadsheets.

You may be familiar with the possibility of cluttering and confusing data when you upload data into Excel for Google Analytics or your company CRM. You will learn how to import, organize, and access various Excel functions in this crash course for marketers.

You will be able to update data automatically, create metrics dashboards, and more when you complete the course.

10. SEMrush’s On-Page and Technical SEO Course

It can be difficult to keep your website’s search engine ranking high. To help you navigate the roadblocks, SEMRush offers a free online course. The purpose of this course is to help you optimize your content in order to maintain your website’s performance.

You’ll learn all about analyzing your competition, finding the right keywords, and more through seven 1-hour lessons. There are a series of digital marketing videos from Ashley Ward as well. You will learn everything you need to know about technical SEO and on-page signals by the end of the modules, so you will be ready to handle complex SEO or SEM strategies.

After this, you’ll be able to test out your newly developed marketing skills in a test session.

What online courses should you opt for?

Remember to choose a course that will help you solve a problem when you choose among our list of free online courses. Strive to learn more about subjects you’re interested in.

Also remember that you can enroll in the best online courses right now.

You have now seen our selection of the best free online courses you can take, but we have gone with a general approach to our list. To make this list as accessible as possible, we selected free courses. All on this list are valuable, and we believe everyone will benefit from at least one of them.

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