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Augmented Reality NFT Platform Anima gets backing from Coinbase!

With augmented reality, NFT owners will have the opportunity to interact with their assets in real life. It adds a tangible element to what would normally be a non-functional work of art.

Crypto start-up “Anima” has the answer to those looking for more functionality from their NFT purchases.

With Anima, you can create augmented reality art that turns NFTs into immersive artworks. Therefore, they have raised $500k from investors including Coinbase Ventures, following catching the attention of some of the industry’s biggest names.

In addition to expanding their portfolio, Anima is constructing their own trading platform. As a result, Anima’s palm-based Consenys market place is scheduled to launch late June.

With augmented reality, NFT owners will have the opportunity to interact with their assets in real life. It adds a tangible element to what would normally be a non-functional work of art. They have already placed two great pieces of art in the space: Boombox and Cernan, though they are still in their infancy. In May, NFT ambassador 888 purchased the latter for a cool $108,888.

A number of digital realm artists have already started collaborating, so we can’t wait to see what else they’ll create.

Coinbase backs augmented reality platform Anima

Are you interested in augmented reality and non-fungible tokens? Would you say yes? Well then, NFTs have been around since 2021, but the question as to what they do or what can be done with them is more and more often observed as the speculative gold rush cools off and individuals think more about how digital items can evolve over time.

Anima, a small cryptocurrency startup based on the founders of picture and video app Ultravisual, which Flipboard again acquired in 2014, endeavors to put AR to work in order to shift how digital artwork and collectibles are displayed and shared. The company’s newest venture helps artists create digital works that go to a larger audience through augmented reality and help discover the future of NFTs.

An initial $500k round of funding has been raised by Coinbase Ventures, Divergence Ventures, Flamingo DAO, Lyle Owerko & Andrew Unger.

“It’s good for us, especially because we are looking for more approachable things that are less speculative,” co-founder Alex Herrity says.

It aims to unravel how digital objects can interact with the real world, a concern that has been fairly widespread in the augmented reality world over the previous few years, although AR progress has slowed down lately as creators wait for new releases from Facebook and Apple. Although AR and NFT are quite young fields, Anima’s co-founders are quick to admit that each have matured sufficiently to be openly associated with gimmicks.

In the context of AR, there’s a context shift that takes place when you see it as a way to experience something tactile instead of just seeing it as a novelty gimmick, says Neil Voss, co-founder of ARKit.

As a part of their experimentation with bringing digital artwork products into AR, the group has already worked with two artists. They will be launching a market late next month based on ConsenSys’s Palm platform where they hope to demonstrate more of their future collaborations.

AR makes our world a lot more fun and captivating.

Augmented Reality NFT Platform Anima is a blockchain company that helps create a more immersive and personalized experience for the customer. One of the ways they do this is by using their platform to create interactive and digital content. By using AR, the customer can be engaged in a better way than just listening to a recording. The way AR interacts with our world makes it a lot more fun and captivating. It’s explained here how Coinbase has backed up the exciting and innovative company that is Augmented Reality NFT Platform Anima.

In the future, Anima would allow digital objects to interact real-time with users. In addition to NFT and AR efforts, other companies such as Facebook and Apple are said to be developing AR products, even though the markets are still in their infancy.

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