I am a Newbie, can I still write for IOI?

Every inspiring candidate who wants to write are welcome. We have a simple form that helps the editors and moderating team understand your style of writing. There is a screening process. Once approved, you get your dashboard where you can write and publish your articles.

I have written a blog, how long till it gets published.

So you’ve written an awesome blog and want to see it published to your audience. The approval is a simple 3 Steps process to give a final check to the article.

What type of article can I write?

The type of blogs that we welcome at IOI are diverse. We welcome anything from science, ,space, energy, environment, technology or innovations. We also cover futuristic ideas, entertainment and news from the world of finance. For more detailed list of the topics we cover, check out our categories section.

How do I upload the articles?

Once you get your login credentials. You can login from the login page. Once you’re logged in, you can write and upload articles, with the help of an online editor. Once you’ve completed, click submit. Based on your preferences, your articles can be published immediately or at a specified date and time.

How do I get paid

You get paid via direct depost / IMPS or NEFT in your bank account that you have provided to us at the time of your onboarding. Once you’re a seasoned writer at IOI, or your articles get a required amount of traffic, you can unlock perks like free tech giveaways, coupons, freebies for downloads, learning material and Ebooks, and also bonus prizes from time to time.

What is minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawals in your account as credits are $100. Once you reach this amount, you can request withdrawal that can get credited to your account.

How often should I write?

We do not have any restrictions on the number of articles that you publish every month. We tell you to select the frequency of your writing to decide on the best scheduling and publishing times for maximum visibility. We do not have a minimum number of article that you have to write, however, any profile with over 90 days of inactivity, are mailed to re-assess their status as writer.

I do not have a cryptocurrency account. How will I get the perks or benefits for that?

If you do not wish you get any benefits in cryptocurrencies, we can find other ways to gift you those perks. You just have to opt out of in the benefits section.

I have recieved a tech giveaway from IOI. What do I do?

We often send technological giveaways, to the best writers who needs motivation from time to time. You may review it, give it stars. Learn new skills. But most of all, it’s yours. Keep it.

Where do I find the guidelines for writing articles?

You will receive a general writing guidelines by mail once your application is approved. Please follow the general guidelines with precision to avoid delays in publishing of the articles.

I have a friend who wants to write as well. How can i refer him/her?

You can refer your friend with this link to the questionnaire.

I have applied for the position of Writer. How long does it take for the approval process?

You will receive a mail in under two weeks from the date of the filling of the form or the Interactive Interview Round. If in certain circumstance, you do not receive a reply in two weeks, it measn that your application has not been accepted by the moderators.